Virus Symptoms

This page contains symptoms produced by various viruses that infect Dahlia.

The most common symptom is ‘mosaic’. It is evident by the presence of a mixture of dark green and light green ‘islands’ or patches on leaves.

Dahlia Mosaic Virus

Bright green spots on malformed and regular leaves.
Symptoms on young plants include Chlorotic, yellow spots and malformed leaves. Infected plants may look stunted.
Narrow leaves and pointed leaves with bright green and light green coloring pattern on their surface..
Chlorosis of leaves can be limited in size on the leaves initially and can spread to the rest of the plant.
Bright lime green on the edge and veins of the dark green leaf.
Some leaves may show severe Chlorosis compared to other leaves on the same plant.
Bright green and yellow leaves.
Severe infection often leads to yellowing of almost all leaves and stunting of plant.

Impatiens Necrotic Spot Virus

Lime green concentric-like rings on the end of a dahlia leaf.
Characteristic Symptom is necrotic ring spots on leaves.